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Welbeck House, Prest Avenue, Meden Vale, Mansfield, England, NG20 9PQ

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    Vinyl Passion & The Missing Link

    The Missing Link Audio was founded in 2003 as a high-technology cable manufacturing Company specialising in audio cable research and production. Many joint research programs were funded with some of the finest academics in their respective fields to produce products to not only sound good but also be measurably better than similar existing products.

    Driven by a love of music, The Missing Link, constantly searching for musical excellence, aim to produce the finest quality hand made products available. Over the years they have won industry awards and achieved many engineering firsts.

    Designer Mark Sears has had a passion for music reproduction since childhood, building his first crystal radio kit at the age of 12. His insatiable demand for engineering excellence and a love of vinyl records has subsequently led to the formation of a sister company, Vinyl Passion.

    Vinyl Passion was launched in 2010 with a range of vinyl care products recognised as the finest available and again winning instant acclaim and 5 star awards from the press worldwide. They are designed to offer the Vinyl lover the finest accessories to get the very best from their turntable and records.
    Vinyl Passion design and manufacture the very highest performing modifications that work with a full range of turntables - specialising with the LP-12 Turntable, a highly musical and world recognised performer in its standard form, but one that is capable of much higher performance levels when converted to the full VP-12 specification.

    Mark designed his first changes to the Linn LP-12 over 30 years ago simply for his own use. These parts have been improved and refined over the years and have slowly grown into the Vinyl Passion Award Winning range of products, most notably the Unity range of LP-12 chassis modifications.

    Within the Vinyl Passion Music Rooms you will find a passion to match your own and design expertise combined with engineering knowledge offering everything from the award winning Dust Buster stylus cleaner to full custom turntable builds and upgrades of existing LP-12s that are as individual as you are.
    The workshops are fully equipped for the setup and servicing of most makes of turntable.

    If your desire is a VP-12 in Ferrari Red, a Gold plated platter or a custom built Kalós English Oak plinth Vinyl Passion is happy to oblige, and equally delighted to help with the simplest of enquiries.
    Stocking a full range of the finest quality hi fi equipment available we, at Vinyl Passion, are happy to offer consultation to design and install full systems - our after care and service is second to none: The VP reputation has been built on the firm foundations of the highest levels of personal customer service.

    Hearing is Believing - so to appreciate the quality and engineering behind Vinyl Passion products visit, relax and listen in our informal family run music room in the heart of Sherwood Forest and share your passion.

    Your ears will tell you all you need to know, it is all about the music.

    Kindest regards - Mark Jan & Jon

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    Mark Sears

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    In love with all genres of music and fascinated with Hi Fi design from a very early age when I used to listen to Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole and old music hall records on my dad's Pye Mono Valve Radiogram. I began to collect vinyl recordings from being a small boy - Saving my pocket money and later earnings from my paper round to buy David Bowie LP's from Woolworth's I find my passion is as strong today as it ever was for finding the finest in reproduction of the recorded arts. So much pleasure to be had from all aspects of sound and music.

    I enjoyed my late teenage years in a mist of wondrous adventure with a lifestyle wrapped with a multitude of jobs and new experiences until I spent some time at Loughborough College studying sound engineering and in my early twenties I landed myself my first of job as a Sound Engineer and never looked back !

    With a passion for engineering in general I studied electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and material science and found myself working on design projects and problem solving for many recognised companies in the music and audio industry.

    I became interested in the metallurgy of audio cables and the chemistry of metals used for audio applications and desired to apply this study to my own designs of Audio products and this passion eventually led to the birth of The Missing Link Cables around 2003.

    With The Missing Link came a desire to produce 'no compromise' solutions to the many fundamental design flaws that are inherent to mass production cables. I found myself keen to create the best possible design of Hi Fi cables using the finest materials whilst keeping a realistic price point without diverting to the onerous quest of mass production. So in some respects I guess I am an idealist - And in respect of my work a total perfectionist !

    I have always been deeply involved with Vinyl and Turn Tables and so the natural extension to our business in the form of Vinyl Passion was born.

    This has brought more fascinating musical projects into my life, linked with the added bonus of meeting so many like minded people and passionate creators with whom to be involved.

    But I am not all work and no play !
    Aside of music - which at every turn is inherently woven into my life - as Spring arrives I thrive with the enjoyment of the outdoors - Living very close to Sherwood Forest I love to go walking with Jan and Bicycling with my son Jon into the surrounding parks, adventuring on my BMW Motor bike with a friend or two and occasionally driving my old jag or sometimes just lazily sitting watching my cats play whilst I sip a beer or two and nibble on some excellent home cooked food.

    As winter approaches I tend to hibernate with my music,films,books and fantasy computer games and as most will know I love to talk so I always welcome the opportunity to share some of my life with all fellows and ladies of a similar ilk.

    Jan Morten

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    As a child I was full of dreams of different jobs that I would have when I grew up – and I have been lucky enough to enjoy some wonderful work over the years. But I never contemplated being so involved in my present work with Hi Fi – of which I used to know nothing!
    I feel very fortunate to meet so many wonderful, fascinating, funny, passionate, intensely warm hearted people who happen to be Hi Fi Enthusiasts and I see that they are in love with the wonderful world of music and all that it offers and I am very happy to be part of this male dominated world of Vinyl Passion.

    From little Acorns it seems that Oak trees do grow and we are in the perfect place for this to happen.

    I grew up with my three brothers in a small market town in Lincolnshire in the early 50’s listening to my parent’s wireless every Sunday and at age of ten watching George Burns or Frankie Howard on our first TV - we had a piano in the house, mum played the mouth organ and everyone sang a lot for fun but I didn’t grow up accustomed to any form of Hi Fi.
    I had my tranny radio and listened to Luxembourg when I was feeling moody. Top of The Pops – Juke Box Jury – Ready Steady Go and The Old Grey Whistle Test all followed and I enjoyed music through the Rock n Roll era of Elvis and Gene Vincent to yet another style of Pop with Adam Faith, Billy Fury & Roy Orbison followed by The Kinks, Beatles, Who, Rolling Stones, Small Faces and of course lots of small bands playing at local youth clubs, seaside venues and village halls.
    I spent five years studying at Art Colleges and my musical horizons were widened with the experience of live performances and I was introduced to what continues to be some of my favourite music today - Oscar Peterson, Dave Brubeck, John Cage, The Beach Boys, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, John Mayall, Peter Green, Hendrix, The Lovin’ Spoonful, Chicken Shack, Deep Purple. Yes. George Melly. Free, Frank Zappa, Clapton and so many more – This was an explosive time for all genre of music.
    In 1971 I left college with a Fashion Design Degree and I did some freelance design work and then got involved with a very popular & fun but unprofitable boutique and Gift Shop with some friends … we played our juke box singles to our ‘punters’ and listened to all kinds of weird singles that were being released – and also at that time the very popular songs ‘Roxanne’ by Police and Prince’s ‘Little Red Corvette’.. Americas The Cars ‘Best Friends Girlfriend’, Australia’s Men at Work…’Who can it be now’ and this all followed up with Punk from the Sex Pistols... a fun time. I did some commissions designing and making clothes within the boutique and it was a very good and happy time with many wonderful and sometimes complicated things ensuing between the here and now.

    A few paths down our road together with our company The Missing Link – Designing Manufacturing and Retailing our own range of specialist hand built Hi Fi Cables we have moved further together to create our ‘Vinyl Passion’ products.

    You will usually hear my voice on the phone if you call with an enquiry or an order! I am still not very ‘Tekky’ and I generally leave that special area to Mark - hopefully when conversing with me this won’t disappoint and you will feel welcomed as I endeavour to help you, make sure your enquiry is sorted as efficiently as possible and then if you do place an order I will lovingly wrap your purchase in colourful tissue and pop it in the post box ! I am not always noted for my promptness (though I do try) but I do make a point of remembering your special individuality and hopefully this makes up for sometimes forgetting to email you on time.

    I am very much aware that you are the most important part of our business and you are welcome to phone at anytime and if passing you can pop in for tea and toast…. maybe even stay over and if you are lucky, Jon our son, will cook something special for your supper. x
    Every day is busy and curiously eventful. I love my work and I enjoy chatting on the phone and meeting you, our visitors.

    But I still had no Special Hi Fi System… and lots of LP’s & Tapes

    Then I met Mark - he re-wired my Speakers (low value and simple) then he threw out my little pink tape player and gave me a Thorens turntable and Meridian amp. Music was sounding different.
    Things went on from there … a Hi Fi Speaker Romance (Mark does talk more than any other guy I have ever known !) and as time has passed I guess he has somewhat educated me into the difference between really listening into music and the simplicity of enjoying music ‘on the go’… and although I do remain a difficult ‘sitting listener’ I have over time grown much more aware of listening right into the music and more appreciative of the capabilities of different Hi Fi equipment.

    As we became more entwined in our personal lives, it soon became apparent that Mark’s passion for music attuned with his knowledge of Hi Fi equipment and enthusiasm for electronics mixed with my organisational abilities with office work and the general setting up and running of a business we would venture into something with a fine tuned mix of our individual skills and now, having become more involved, more knowledgeable, more accustomed I have now a greater understanding of ‘Hi Fi’ – I realise that for most Hi Fi is a term that evokes and expresses a desire for the opportunity to listen to recorded music at its very best and is a passion for some, an obsession for others, a hobby, a yearning, a way of life and most certainly for whatever reasons unknown a virtually totally male dominated zone.
    The cartoon characters that have previously been flitting around in my mind of totally crazy guys lusting after amplifiers, speakers, cables, turn tables .even tape players and cd players, at record stalls and Hi Fi shows – stroking the boxes with pleasure much as women are portrayed in their desires for shoes, handbags and glad-rags ! These images are now somewhat dissipated as I have grown to understand the yearning to attain musical perfection via quality Hi Fi equipment - to be able to drain every last drop of expression from each recording that is played.
    So it is that I can now appreciate the engineering required to create high quality Hi Fi…and I can accept the desire.


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    Jon has grown up surrounded by all manner of Hi Fi equipment and electronics combined with weird and wonderful experiments with cables metals valves ping pong balls and more…and of course all kinds of music. From our very first Hi Fi business venture to this present day Jon has been involved in varying degrees with ‘the business’ and helped us create our essential Branding by Designing and Printing all of our product Labelling and our Advertising Logos, Posters and T-Shirts – which he continues to do.

    Needless to say he is happy to enjoy hearing music and watching films through perfectly set up Hi Fi equipment and appreciates the superb fine quality of some recordings and if money were no object he would be likely to choose beautifully esoteric Hi Fi equipment. In reality he is also happy to listen to most of his sounds via his phone or car stereo!

    An entity unto himself with his own agenda Jon helps within the business as and when necessary making deliveries and collections, assisting with on-site installations and exhibitions and he might answer the phone to you, greet you when you visit or cook for you if you stay a while.

    When you meet you will no doubt find him a very welcoming interesting character.

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    When you visit The Vinyl Passion Music Room along with the Coffee & Biscuits or Tea & Scones you will most likely be offered, the VP Wonderful Cats will greet you – Stroking is welcomed and Beneficial …

    However, If you are Cat-a-Phobic or Cat-allergic just please be inform us when making your appointment so that your visit can be assured to be enjoyable.

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    Quality Control Manager

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    Office Manger

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    VP Music Room Host

Welbeck House, Prest Avenue,
Meden Vale,
NG20 9PQ

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