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Record and Stylus Maintenance

Free Stylus Inspection

If you are unsure about the condition of your stylus we strongly advise you have it checked...

Our microscopy inspection service is free with no obligation whatsoever.

A worn stylus is a sure way to do irreparable damage to your record collection and will very often not be audible before damage to your precious vinyl has occurred.

Every turntable that leaves our premises is setup to the highest possible standards.

We are happy to setup and service all models of turntable.

We also offer an expert fitting service for pickups.

When you purchase from Vinyl Passion you can rest assured that every possible check will be completed, we even check coil impedance before we fit your new pickup as you should expect.

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A perfect stylus with better than average factory azimuth as you would expect from Ortofon

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A stylus we inspected recently that has had incorrect anti skating set causing the stylus to were unevenly after only a 6 months of use.

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Record Cleaning

First class Record cleaning Service with a wide range of cleaning machines and accessories.

Cable Retermination

Power Cables

We can re-terminate all types of cable to a guaranteed professional standard.

We have experience of many manufacturers cable types

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Signal & Speaker Cables

Choose your preferred connectors, alter the length of a cable or repair damaged connections.

All modifications are thoroughly tested for both continuity and capacitance before they leave our workshop.

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All our repairs and modifications are done to the same stringent standards that we apply to our own award winning cables

Ultrapure Silver PIating

For the very quietest contacts available in the world backed by electrical measurement.developed by The Missing Link.
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One of the unique services we offer our customers is a First Class Silver Plating Service.

This is for the more DIY minded and those designing and building their own equipment where only the very best will do.

All our Silver plating uses 99.999% pure Silver.

We provide our own specially sourced and refined silver to the platers ourselves.

The Missing Link Range of Connectors are all uniquely ‘Ultra-Pure’ Silver plated with between 10 to 15microns of specially sourced and refined 99.999% pure Silver

We know of no other plating service to use this quality of Silver

All plating is between 5-8 microns unless otherwise specified.

We are happy to plate just one plug or many hundreds of items – Ask for a Quote

For a quotation contact us

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