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LP12 Plinths

Hand crafted and
fully bespoke.


Kalos plinths are hand crafted in Nottinghamshire, UK, exclusively for Vinyl Passion.

Each plinth is a one off creation and totally unique. Customers can choose their wood and even pick the grain pattern from a selection of boards.

Each plinth is engineered to extreme accuracy to ensure a perfect fit from perfectly seasoned and acclimatised fine hardwoods.

All our wood is from sustainable local sources. We discourage the use of rare tropical woods and believe that the rain forests are precious.


Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder and so every bespoke Kalos plinth is produced exactly as you want it.

You can choose the exact piece of wood, any shading and any finish that you wish.

Each Kalos plinth is a unique statement piece designed for you and your listening environment.


Our plinths are not only beautiful but are handmade to exacting tolerances to ensure that they sound as good as they look.

All dimensions and mountings are carefully blue-printed to ensure the best possible performance in service.

In our tests we have optimised the top plate fit and support to produce what we believe is the best possible sonic performance

We encourage you to visit our listening room and hear the top plate stethoscope test on a Kalos plinth.

Kalos specialise in sustainable native British woods.

No wood that we use is listed on any of the CITIES endangered lists.

We have stocks of fully seasoned wood in many species including many one off pieces with particularly interesting features.

Most of our stock comes from small independent family sawmills who collect the fallen or felled timber themselves. We therefore have a direct provenance for our wood.

All our timber is air dried and seasoned by ourselves for as long as required, often many years.

Kalos make commissioned bespoke furniture. All the attention to detail and timber preparation that we use for fine cabinetry goes into every Vinyl Passion Kalos LP12 Plinth.

Below are a few of the most popular woods that we work with.

The Woods

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Our signature pieces are made from

Quarter Sawn (QS) English Oak,

The most stable of all cuts. QS Oak displays unique medullary ray patterns on its faces and is traditionally the hallmark of the finest oak furniture.

QS Oak possesses high stability and resistance to warping, making it the ideal choice for plinth making.

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A favourite wood for those looking for a darker plinth.

Another turniture makers favourite, Walnut takes a beautiful finish and matches the classic look of english furniture.

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Crown Cut Oak English Oak

..displays the familiar wave grain pattern and has a discrete beauty all of its own, While traditionally not as stable as QS Oak, by careful selection of boards with the straightest through grain we can achieve a remarkably stable structural material.

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Spalted Beech and Sycamore

Spalting occurs when the tree contracts a fungal infection. It is characterised by the black lines along the grain.

Kalos only use lightly spalted timber to ensure the strength of the finished plinth

Depending on the stain applied the spalting can be made more or less prominent.

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(Quarter Sawn London Plane)

When quarter sawn, London plane displays distinctive ray and fleck patterns resembling lace.

When finished with a polishing oil, the patterning takes on a 3-dimensional appearance with a high degree of Moire fringing (Chatoyance))

Other Species







Our Guarantee of Quality

The production of
a Kalós LP12 Plinth

Wood Preparation

The selection and preparation of the source wood is crucial to the construction of a perfectly flat, square and stable LP12 plinth.

We use a rigorous schedule of seasoning and preparation to ensure that every aspect of our plinths is of the highest quality.

At every stage the materials are checked and checked again for signs of movement and distortion.

Kalos LP12 plinths are engineered from the ground up to be the finest product that they can be.

We source our wood from a variety of UK suppliers many of which are small family run sawmills. The provenance of this wood is assured, usually down to the estate on which the tree grew.

All the wood we use for plinths is individually selected by the board. We select by both structure and appearance.

Each board is first evaluated for the presence of defects and its grain structure. We only choose the straightest and most stable internal grain structures.

Joinery and Fittings

It goes without saying that the LP12 plinth should be perfectly flat and warp free.

Each Kalos plinth is check and rechecked after every stage of manufacture for square and flatness.

No plinth can be guaranteed never to warp. Wood is a natural product and changes in environmental conditions can always affect it.

The meticulous production process for each Kalos plinth allows any movement to be mitigated before joinery resulting in the most stable solution possible.


You can order your Kalos plinth in our online shop, to start the commissioning process or you may prefer to call us.

Whichever method you choose, you will receive a fully bespoke service that includes:

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Full involvement in your build process. You will receive regular updates and progress reports from our craftsman.
Grain & Features Choice
You are given the opportunity to personally select your favoured piece of timber for coloration and pattern.
You can choose to have wood dyed to a shade of your choice.
Fully Bespoke
You can specify exactly what you require. Because each Kalos plinth is a bespoke build you can have exactly what you want.

Matching Furniture

Vinyl Passion can also supply Kalos Bespoke furniture.All pieces are individual commissions made to your specifications.

The range of audio work comprises

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Equipment Racks and Supports
Vinyl and other media storage
Valve Amplifier Cases
Upgrades for the standard Hammond type cases & fully bespoke solutions
Incidental Furniture
Anything you can envisage

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Meden Vale,
NG20 9PQ

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