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The VP-12 Tuntable

The ultimate evolution
of the LP-12

VP-12 Expression

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The Ultimate Expression
of the modified LP-12

VP-12 Reference

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Reference Quality
VP Parts Throughout.

VP-12 Signature

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Absolute Musicality,
Signature Vinyl Passion

Connected engineering... coherent sound.

Unlike other aftermarket solutions, the VP-12 brings together all our famous upgrades that have been designed and engineered to work together in perfect harmony.

The VP-12's performance is quite simply stunning. Come and hear one in our listening room and we think you'll agree.

The addition of the VP Unity Chassis 2 and corresponding armboard to my 30 year old LP12 added a solidity to the music and improvements to the dynamic range and stereo imaging that were very satisfying'

Mr. R.S Customer
' The further VP upgrades including the new top plate, apollo support and vinyl bottom plate were truly stunning. The musicality is raised to a standard I had not thought possible; the genius of Mark Sears is revealed in this evolution of the LP12 to the new VP12.'
Mr. R.S. Customer

The Story of the VP-12 Development

You can find out more about each component part by clicking the underlined links

It all started with the Vinyl Passion Unity ONE acrylic arm board. Unhappy with the standard fitment arm board we set out to find a better solution.

The success of the Unity ONE was soon followed by the Unity Sub-Chassis, which has gone on to be one of the most popular LP-12 upgrades world-wide. The research that went into the Aerospace alloy for the chassis was then applied to the arm board resulting in the superb Unity TWO arm board.

Despite the ever increasing polarity of the Full Unity TWO upgrade we have long felt that so much more was achievable.

First on the list was a plinth engineered to our exacting tolerances from the finest British hardwoods. The Vinyl Passion Kalós Plinth is handmade in Nottinghamshire UK to each customers bespoke specification by a craftsman with over 30 years experience of both cabinetmaking and engineering physics for vibration control.

This unique combination has led to a plinth which we believe provides a unique energy absorbing action on the top plate with aesthetic beauty to match.

Our new mass balanced springs can accommodate a wide variety of platter and tone arm weights but the weak link has always been the standard top plate.....

Enter The Orpheus Top Plate. Made from a much stiffer grade of Stainless steel and 33% thicker it transforms the stability of the crucial plinth to suspension interface.

Look at any LP-12 that has been in service for some time and you will see a sag in the top plate near the arm board. In an attempt to address this we decided to install a support pillar linked to a custom carbon acrylic base board - the Foundation

After much research and listening test, we discovered that a particular bushed carbon fibre arrangement not only provided support but actually significantly reduced top plate vibration and resonance.

The Apollo Carbon Fibre energy drain was born and the results can only be described as spectacular. Music is more focussed, impulse response is much improved and the sound is the most realistic reproduction we have ever heard from and LP-12 type turntable.

Finally our attention was drawn to the platter drive system. Our Revolution power supplies produce a pure sine wave a.c. drive for the motor, unlike the heavily distorted waveform produced by many units on the market.

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Welbeck House, Prest Avenue,
Meden Vale,
NG20 9PQ

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