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Hand built with
care and precision

Vinyl Passion strives to produce the best sounding turntables possible for any budget.

We work closely with our customers and value involvement throughout the whole process.

We encourage all customers to visit our premises whenever you wish to see progress and hear the results.

Everything we do is driven by our love of music. That really is the Vinyl Passion difference and our customers always appreciate it.

Our Speciality

The Linn
Sondek LP12

The Linn Sondek LP12 is the turntable of choice for many audiophiles. After 40 years of production it is still going strong and is our speciality.

While the basic LP12 is a great turntable, the improvements that can be gained by upgrades and modifications have to be heard to be believed.

Vinyl Passion upgrades are all highly engineered solutions, designed and developed by ourselves. We use these components in our custom builds and, of course, the upgrade service that we provide.

Vinyl Passion Turntables

Launched in 2014 the Vinyl Passion VP-12 range of turntables are the ultimate culmination our LP-12 upgrades to date.

VP-12 turntables contain all our modifications available previously and also some very new and exciting components that are not available anywhere else.

From the VP-12 Expression to our top of the range VP-12 Signature, expect ground breaking performance that redefines expectations of vinyl reproduction.

30 Years of Experience

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Mark SearsVinyl Passion

I have been working with LP12 turntables for the past 30 years. I am passionate about the sound that they produce but, still find myself amazed at what is sonically possible with carefully chosen upgrades and setup.

The upgrades and parts that I have designed are a result of many years of research and development. I have striven for the perfect sonic solution in each case and only when I am proud to put my name to it will it be released as a product for sale.

Quality and Value

Each turntable we build is unique, whether it be a scratch build or an upgrade or reworking of a customer existing unit.

Vinyl passion turntables and upgrades are exceptional value for money. We price all our products as competitively as possible.

We believe you should choose audiophile products based on their sound and not cost. Don't assume that by paying four times as much for something that it will sound better.

By keeping out overheads and marketing budgets low we can provide you with no expense spared engineering at a very reasonable cost.

LP12 Anatomy

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The plinth is the starting point for any build.
It must be perfectly flat and square. A quality plinth can make a huge difference to the sound.

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Top Plate

The top plate is the mechanical coupling between the plinth and the suspended chassis / arm board. The top plate should be flat, non resonant and acoustically neutral.

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The chassis is the key structural element of the LP12. It connects the arms board and tone arm to the platter and must be very stiff and totally non resonant

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The springs and grommets provide the 3-point suspension for the arm board and platter .

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Arm Board

The arm board should be stiff, acoustically inert and non resonant.

VP have pioneered the use of Carbon Impregnated Acrylic and Aerospace Alloy arm boards.

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In addition to the standard Linn cross brace VP have now introduced the Apollo top plate bracing system to prevent top plate sag and distortion

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Vinyl Passion VP-12 Signature

Your Personal Build

You can specify exactly what you want and we will build it.

We do realise however that the decision making process can be complex and we are happy to guide you throughout the process.

We can give you advice and suggestions on all the key options.

Better still come and visit our friendly listening room hear the products for yourself.

Mix and Match

If you have a beloved plinth, top plate or infact any other part of your LP12, we can use it in your new VP Upgraded turntable.

Our turntable service extends from the replacement or repair of a single part to the supply of a brand new fully built turntable, power supply and phono stage.

Talk to us to discuss your particular requirements or fill in our enquiry form and we will email or call you back.

Share our passion...

Visit the Vinyl Passion Listening Room.

Call us on 01623 844478 to book an appointment.

Welbeck House, Prest Avenue,
Meden Vale,
NG20 9PQ

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