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Foundation Baseboard

For the Linn
Sondek LP12
'The further VP upgrades including the new top plate, apollo support and Foundation baseboard were truly stunning. Mr. R.S. UK Customer
The musicality is raised to a standard I had not thought possible.Mr. R.S. UK Customer

About Foundation

The Vinyl Passion Foundation baseboard is machined from a high quality solid billet of 10mm thick carbon acrylic.

With Solid Brass feet and receiver cups, energy is effectively drained from the LP-12 .

This simple upgrade yields huge improvements over the original design of the LP-12 is the baseboard..

Your LP-12 will take a quantum leap forward as soon as it is properly fastened to a stiff non resonant base.

The Carbon acrylic is machined and has press fit solid brass inserts with fully adjustable Solid brass feet.

The Vinyl Passion Foundation fastens at no less than 10 points with hardened stainless steel screws to your plinth with the added benefit of stiffening the plinth.

It may also help square up older Afromosia, plinths that are now beginning to warp with age and makes it very easy to level your turntable after fitting with the adjustable locking feet.

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There are convenient cut-outs in the baseboard for adjustments to the suspension and to allow access to the base of the tone arm without removal.


Foundation fitting is a non complex procedure and is easily achievable with basic DIY skills.

You do not need to touch or adjust the LP-12 suspension system.

Alternatively, we are happy to supply your local dealer or to fit at our own workshop.

To fit the Vinyl Passion Foundation baseboard you will need to pre drill your plinth with a 2mm drill bit at the 10 pre drilled and countersunk points.

The base then simply screws to your plinth with the high quality Stainless steel screws supplied..

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