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VP Orpheus Top Plate

For the Linn Sondek LP12

The VP Orpheus Top Plate is a direct drop in replacement for the standard item that yields a dramatic improvement to the sound quality of the LP-12 turntable.

Improved Stiffness
Engineered from harder stainless steel than the standard A2 top plate, Orpheus is considerably stiffer and non resonant at audio frequencies
Improved Strength
100% stronger than the standard top plate, Orpheus gives a far superior connection to the plinth and sub-chassis
Apollo Compatible
Orpheus is the only top plate that is compatible with our revolutionary Apollo top plate support.

We promise you that if you hear this magical combination you will want one.
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Following in our constant upgrade path for the LP-12 we have now focused on the development of the Top Plate - this being the vital interface from which the sub chassis is suspended.

As soon as the VP Unity Sub Chassis was suspended from the standard top plate, the plate limitations became more obvious.

The interface between the Plinth and the Sub Chassis is of vital importance and even with the VP Blue Spring and rubber damped suspension system any resonant frequencies already in the top plate or picked up by it are transferred to a lesser extent into the sub chassis.


There are already a few aftermarket units available milled from Aluminium and whilst these are superior to the A2 stainless steel top plate, the material is considerably softer and still only 1.5mm thick at the point where the top plate joins the plinth

After several experiments with different materials and, due to the constraints of the LP-12 plinth dimensions, we have found the best solution is to use a harder grade of Stainless Steel in 2mm thickness.

This is 100% stronger than the standard A2 1.5mm plate and gives a much stronger bond to the plinth than is possible with alloys.

The resultant Orpheus top plate is more difficult to excite at audio frequencies than other alternatives and provides a much improved structure from which to suspend the sub chassis assembly.

Orpheus +

The Orpheus sounds considerably better than the standard top plate on its own by providing a superior interface between the sub chassis and plinth.

We did, however, feel that more improvements were possible given the characteristics of our Unity chassis system.

The result is The Apollo carbon fibre support pillar and The Foundation carbon acrylic 20mm base board

The Sound...

The results have to be heard first hand to truly appreciate how well this combination works - the perfect recipe of 2mm plate Stainless Steel, 20mm Carbon Acrylic and a high strength low mass Carbon Fibre support beam to prevent harmonic interaction and dissipate any energy between the two complementary materials producing the perfect acoustical environment for the 7000 series Aerospace engineering to bring out the maximum resolution from your chosen combination of tone arm and cartridge without coloration of the original signal.

Every part bears a symbiotic relationship to produce the pinnacle of engineering excellence that is Vinyl Passion…

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