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VP Unity Chassis System

For the Linn Sondek LP12
  • Overview
    The Ultimate Rigid Non Resonant LP-12 Chassis System

    Unity Upgrade Packages

    All 7075 Alloy Construction

    Our Ultimate Chassis solution

    7075 Alloy Chassis

    Carbon Acrylic Arm board

  • Design
    Advanced Design

    The unusual shape of the Unity has been designed using computer finite element modelling techniques.

    The resultant unique shape with its non uniform cross section and carefully sculpted curves ensures a totally stiff structure that eliminates all ringing.

    The standard LP-12 chassis is often distorted making perfect alignment impossible.

    The VP Unity has main bearing and arm-board seats milled to be exactingly flat guaranteeing perfect alignment of the stylus to the record groove.

    Advanced Materials

    The Vinyl Passion Unity chassis is fabricated from the same aerospace alloy that is used to mount the Rolls Royce Trent 1000 Turbine Engines to British Airliners.

    During the design process, several engineering polymers were evaluated, including a full carbon acrylic sandwich After extensive testing all were rejected due to small, but unacceptable, levels of energy absorption.

    And after specialist cutting and shaping the Aerospace Alloy the Unity is firstly chemically soaked and then baked in a furnace to reach its full hardness before being hard-anodised to tune the whole unit to its perfect temper.

Unity Upgrade Packages

  • Details
  • Unity TWO
  • Solid Billet Heat Treated Aerospace 7000 Alloy Construction Throughout
  • Includes:
  • Unity Alloy Sub-Chassis
    Alloy VP2 Arm Board
    Blue Springs
    Stainless Steel Fasteners

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  • Details
  • Unity ONE
  • Solid Billet Heat Treated Aerospace 7000 Alloy And Carbon Acrylic Armboard
  • Includes:
  • Unity Alloy Sub-Chassis
    Carbon Acrylic VP1 Arm Board
    Blue Springs
    Stainless Steel Fasteners

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Unity Component Parts

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Unity Sub-Chassis

The VP Unity Sub Chassis provides the ultimate mechanical connection between stylus and vinyl.

To get the most accurate musical portrayal from your turntable it is important not to lose any information present on the record groove through vibrational absorption. The turntable chassis must also avoid colouration of the original recording due to resonances and other mechanical artefact.

This is achieved by ensuring that no part of the tone arm, arm-board, sub-chassis main bearing or platter can absorb energy or excite at audio frequency.

To achieve this most desirable combination VP have carried out an extensive testing program using accelerometers and laser measuring devices to discover the very best materials from which to create the VP Unity Sub Chassis combination and have now developed a totally new inert arm-board, sub-chassis and suspension system that allows the very highest performance levels to be produced from the LP-12 turntable.

  • Details
  • Aerospace Alloy LP12 Chassis
  • Solid Billet Heat Treated Aerospace 7000 Alloy Construction
  • Sub-Chassis supplied complete with fasteners to fit your Carbon Acrylic VP-ONE or TWO Arm Board and your own bearing. Includes VP Unity Blue Spring Kit
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Unity TWO Arm Board

Made from the same aerospace alloy as the Unity Sub Chassis the Unity TWO is its ideal partner.

For a no compromise torqued connection between the two A2 stainless bolts are used.

During extensive measurements of harmonic resonance analysis, the join between the two was sonically invisible.

Variants of this arm board are available for the Naim Aro arm.

  • Details
  • Aerospace Alloy LP12 Arm Board
  • Solid Billet Heat Treated Aerospace 7000 Alloy Construction
  • For use only with Unity Sub-Chassis
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    VP2 Alloy Armboard
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    VP Unity Two Arm board

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Unity ONE Arm Board

Vinyl Passion are Pioneers in the development of the Acrylic Arm board for the LP-12, Vinyl Passion utilises a highly specialised Carbon impregnated Cast Acrylic for their VP-1 Polymer Arm board. This has now been in production for over 7 years and has won acclaim all over the world.

Recognising the need to improve the internal structure of the LP-12 even further has brought forth the development of the Unity - One Chassis. This new VP combination of Sub-Chassis and Arm Board is the perfect marriage of materials - totally inert at audio frequency providing the tone arm a perfect platform to perform at its very best.

The VP-1 Carbon Acrylic Arm Board is fastened directly to the hardened Aerospace Alloy Chassis with non magnetic Stainless Steel bolts to make a totally rigid perfectly aligned and resonant free join.

The Unity ONE acrylic arm board provides a cost effective entry to the VP Unity system.

It is of course possible to upgrade your turntable from Unity ONE to Unity TWO specification at a later date with commonality in all the chassis fixings.

Variants of this arm board are available for the Naim Aro arm.

  • Details
  • Acrylic LP12 Arm Board
  • Carbon Impregnated Cast Acrylic
  • For use only with Unity Sub-Chassis
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Unity BLUE Springs

Vinyl Passion have developed new springsf or use with all combinations of the Unity subc hassis range.

The springs use a special anti harmonic coating designed for Aerospace engine parts to completely remove the excitement problems which can occur at audio frequency's with the original Linn supplied springs.

  • Details
  • Resonance Damped Chassis Springs
  • For use only with Unity Sub-Chassis
  • Supplied with all Unity Sub Chassis' and Kits.
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