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VP Unity Sub Chassis

The standard LP-12 chassis is often distorted making perfect alignment impossible. The unusual shape of the Unity has been designed using computer finite element modelling techniques.

The unique shape, with its non uniform cross section and carefully sculpted curves ensures a totally stiff structure that eliminates all ringing.

The VP Unity has main bearing and arm-board seats milled to be exactingly flat guaranteeing perfect alignment of the stylus to the record groove.

Pictured are our Blue Springs with Anti-Resonance coating. VP mass balanced springs will also be available soon with spring constants matched to the weight of your platter and arm board.

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There are already a few aftermarket units available milled from Aluminium and whilst these are superior to the A2 stainless steel top plate, the material is considerably softer and still only 1.5mm thick at the point where the top plate joins the plinth.

After several experiments with different materials and, due to the constraints of the LP-12 plinth dimensions, we have found the best solution is to use a harder grade of Stainless Steel in 2mm thickness.

This is 100% stronger than the standard A2 1.5mm plate and gives a much stronger bond to the plinth than is possible with alloys.

The resultant Orpheus top plate is more difficult to excite at audio frequencies than other alternatives and provides a much improved structure from which to suspend the sub chassis assembly.


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The Vinyl Passion Foundation baseboard is machined from a high quality solid billet of 10mm thick carbon acrylic.

With Solid Brass feet and receiver cups, energy is effectively drained from the LP-12 .

This simple upgrade yield huge improvements over the original design of the LP-12 is the baseboard..

Your LP-12 will take a quantum leap forward as soon as it is properly fastened to a stiff non resonant base.


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The VP Revolution is a range of pure sine wave a.c. power supplies for the LP-12 motor.

Unlike other solutions, Revolution has no waveform distortion resulting in super smooth and constant platter speed.

Revolution 1
Entry level 33 r.p.m power supply

Revolution 2
Reference quality 2 speed (33 & 45 r.p.m) power supply


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Apollo prevents sag in the top plate adjacent to the arm board but also acts as an "energy drain" by transferring deleterious vibrations in to the Foundation baseplate where they are converted to heat energy.

Music is more focussed, impulse response is much improved and the sound is the most realistic reproduction we have ever heard from and LP-12 type turntable.

About our Upgrades

Vinyl Passion upgrades are the result of many years of development, testing and an uncompromising approach to develop the best possible products.

If we don't believe a product is the best it can be, we don't sell it.

We strive for perfection in sound and never design a product to a price.

Vinyl Passion provide full support and after sales care for all our products. Just call us and ask for Mark Sears and you'll be speaking to the designer.

Driven by the music

Despite the acknowledged greatness of the Sondek LP-12, it has its limitations. Over the past 40 years many factory upgrades have been released which have built upon the original design.

There remains however much room for further enhancement and we believe that this shouldn't cost a kings ransom.

Our motivation has always been to attain the best possible reproduction of vinyl possible. We love music and that remains the primary driver in all our products


Vinyl Passion upgrade parts are direct replacements and require no modification to your LP12.

Our upgrades are simple to fit but your turntable will require accurate setting up after fitment. The correct set up of an LP-12 is a skilled task and we strongly recommend that you have it done professionally if you are not competent and experienced.

* ApolloTop Plate Support requires the Orpheus Top Plate and is a Vinyl Passion only fitment

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